Video Games I Played When I Was Younger
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Video Games I Played When I Was Younger

A visual travel through the games I played when younger to the present day. Lots of good memories and fun writing this article. Many of these games I still play these days...
Video Games I Played When I Was Younger
Photo by Ravi Palwe / Unsplash

One of my first memories of a video game is about a Brazilian Atari 2600 clone called "Dactar".‌                                                            

In 1983, Brazil was going through a period of time where importing electronics and many other things were really difficult. Internal public policies were incentivising the internal industry to actually clone and create copies of many products, from cars to vide-games :)

One of these copies created in Brazil was the "Dactar". It was a clone of the Atari 2600 with some Brazilian touches of course.

I remember - well, at least I think I do -, that when it arrived it was fantastic. My brother was older and he new more about that stuff.

I remember another one called "Telejogo", which I didn't play but I remember it existed in our house. It was the Brazilian version of the classic "Pong".

As a grew older in the 80s, I started playing games more and more. My favourite games were:



River Raid









Well, those are the ones I remember playing the most.

The computer era arrived

During the 90s we finally got a a computer at home. That was the start of a whole new era of gaming for me.

I remember enjoying these games the most:


Probably the first game I played on a computer (of course, not counting minesweeper, patience, etc).

"Ice age"

I don't remember the name of this one, but it was a side scroller platformer with a Neanderthal man as the main character. He went trough various challenges in the ice age. It was super nice! I remember loving to play that game.

Prince of Persia

Duke Nuken 3D

An exciting adventure in a crazy city with monsters and some nice hidden things ;)

Commandos - Behind enemy lines

I loved to playing this one with friends in the multiplayer mode. Super nice. We took it very seriously and wanted to get the best scores and use the best tactics.

Age of Empires

Wonderful game. I've spent hours and hours playing it with friends, creating and developing worlds, evolving through different ages, super nice.

Black Dahlia

Really nice mystery/puzzle game. I've spent many weekends with my friends at this one. Trying to solve the mysteries and puzzles in the game. I really nice one as well. The game can in a bundle of more than 10 CD ROMs, it was huge! Also it was a different style of game, a point-and-click mixed with real world scenes like in the movies. Awesome. I'd love to play it again some time.


Well, most of the boy wanna fly one day, no?

Desert Strike

This one I remember using it even for school work. I remember we had to do a presentation about the Gulf war, and I used some scenes we recorded with a portable camera during the school work presentation. Nerdy, I know. But also nice!

And here a bunch of other games:


Not sure if that's the name. But the game was about solving mysteries around the globe and I remember travelling on the game to Kathmandu to solve some of these mysteries.


Counter Strike

F Indy

The Sims

Tomb Raider

Full Throttle

The Dig


More or less at the same time, I was playing Super Nintendo games

These were the ones I remember playing the most:

Street Fighter

Mortal Kombat


Wayne's world

Super Mario

Sunset Riders

Top Gear

The era of modern vide game consoles

The first console I bought myself was a N64.

I remember playing these games the most:

007 Goldeneye

One of the best ones! I've remember spending quite some time on this one to get to its end.

Zelda - Ocarina of Time

Super Mario 64

Pilot Wings

Star Wars


Banjo and Kazooie

Cruis'n USA

Already older I bought a PS2:

I was playing mostly:

Medal of Honour

I love this series. I have good memories about playing the games of this series.

I didn't play much Arcade, but I remember playing:

Street Fighter

Mortal Kombat

Final Fight


These were the games I remember the most. I also had an XBox at some point, but don't remember playing it too much. There was a period of time, mostly during university times where a I didn't play video games that much. After graduating I got back to playing video games.

I'm still playing video games, not as often as before though. Nowadays, I invest a lot of time in flight simulation and play some games on the PC, PS4, and on Nintendo Switch. Sometimes I also play some old games via Steam or DOSBox to remember the old times.

This is how my steam library looks like as of July 2022.