Finding the right email notification plugin for JIRA is not an easy task. You’ll find plenty of options and you’ll simply don’t know which one you should use. Also, most of them seem to be so expensive for what they offer in terms of value that you sometimes just give up on your search.

Using native JIRA notification feature is not intuitive and will require a lot of time in terms of research, configuration, notification schema setup, cross-project discussions when you’ll have multiple projects affected, in summary: frustrating and exhausting. People are even tweeting their frustrations and making fun of the situation:^tfw

JIRA offers an all-or-nothing approach according to my previous experience. You either receive a lot of email notification or none. This might be one of the weakest features of JIRA from my perspective.^tfw

The pains above plus the problem I was trying to solve were exactly the reason why I created Issue Events Mailer, an easy and flexible way to send email notifications based on JIRA Issue Events.

I was simply not finding something simple and cheap at the same time – paying $1000 dollars for a plugin that sends e-mail was not an option for me and for many other companies as well. But I really wanted to solve the problem I was having at that time. Thus, I decided to create the plugin to solve my own problem and offer it to others as well as an alternative to expensive JIRA email plugins.