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How To Create JIRA Workflows – Beginners Guide

Creating workflows in JIRA might be a daunting task if you don’t get the foundation right. As a beginner, you need to understand first some basic concepts before implementing your first workflow or adjusting an existing one. I’ll share with you 3 easy steps to create your JIRA workflow. I’ll explain below these basic concepts […]

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You Don’t Lose Your Job. Your Company Loses You.

One of my fears was to leave my country and go to another country to learn about human development and technological entrepreneurship. I pointed out that this will imply into losing my current job and will affect my comfort levels (I was in the comfort zone). From everything above, I’d like to highlight the word […]

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A Frog or A Horse?

The way you see or understand a situation presented to you is based on the frame of reference you have at that moment in your brain. It doesn’t necessarily represent reality. What you get is an interpretation of the reality based on your beliefs and experience, your mindset.

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The Truth Is In The Past. How the UNIX design philosophy inspired nowadays software development

I watched Jez Humble’s talk at Agile 2017 and among many insights, one particular thing caught my attention. He based his continuous delivery philosophy on the UNIX design philosophy. I’m a big fan of UNIX and everything it powers nowadays. However, this connection between UNIX’s design philosophy and Jez’s Continuous Delivery approach was very intriguing […]

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3 Statements That Don’t Leave My Mind

‘m a big fond of the concept of “Right first time” but lately I’ve seen so many time being wasted trying to figure out what would be the “Right” thing to do. Many unnecessary conflicts, concerns, non-validated assumptions, etc. This made me think more often about extreme interpretations or even shallow interpretations of such concepts that when not fully understood or discussed could lead to inefficiencies everywhere.

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