A Frog or A Horse?
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A Frog or A Horse?

A Frog or A Horse?

What do you see on the picture below?


And now, if I turn the image 90 degress clockwise, what do you see?


Most people will see a frog on the first drawing and will still see the same frog in the second drawing, but some people will be able to see a horse in the second drawing, and a few people will recognize both the frog and the horse already when looking at the first drawing.

Which one is right? Why some people see first a frog and why others see first a horse?

Our perception of the world that surrounds us can change as quickly as we learn and absorb new knowledge and experience. And that it’s totally ok!

The way you see or understand a situation presented to you is based on the frame of reference you have at that moment in your brain. It doesn’t necessarily represent reality. What you get is an interpretation of the reality based on your beliefs and experience, your mindset.

Another person with a different background and life experience might interpret the same situation at hand differently and build a different reality. That’s the reason why is so important to be super careful about what you think and really reflect on how these thoughts and interpretations are influencing your actions and behaviours.

The problem is when you don’t recognize this dynamic and believe that the map you have, which most of the times you don’t even know that exists, is the only one that matters and the truth. That’s when people start to become pushy, dictatorial, etc.

When you don’t accept that there are other maps and consequently other interpretations of the same reality, you’ll not advance yourself as a person. You’ll be a prisoner of limited interpretations. Yes, some maps are better than others. They have a better representation of the terrain and the key for me is that one can develop a mechanism for recognizing such better maps and improving her own maps.

Acknowledging this natural law and being open to evolving your maps, your frame of reference, is what will really make a difference in terms of personal and professional evolution over time.

If you want to know more about this topic, I highly recommend reading this book: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

An extra challenge for you: What do you see in the image below?


Did you see the young and elegant lady? Or…