25 Nov 2023

A new beginning

I think I’ve lost the count of how many times I recreated my personal website. I believe that most of these versions reflected somehow a certain moment in my life.

This one is no different.

Last year I lost my domain jcfausto.com which I had for more than a decade. The auto-renewal was not on and I simply forgot to renew it. Once it expired, it was acquired by one of these domain bying companies which was asking nothing less the 2500 USD for it! Can you imagine?

Well, I of course didn’t pay that. Instead, I patiently waited until the next expiration date when the domain would potentially be available for sale again.

At the expiration date I checked it and it was again available, but this time as a premium domain, meaning that I’d have to pay around 500 USD for it. Still too much.

A few months goes by, and finally it left the premium tier and I was able to buy it again for a normal price. And of course, now the auto-renewal is on!

In between, I bought the domain jcfausto.net and created my photography website over there. Check it out if you like nice images.

Now, this new website marks a new moment in life. I hope you enjoy what’s comming in.

Stay tunned.