Good to see you here! This is my website. If you visited it before you might have noticed that it changed. Yes, from time to time I like to change the look and feel of my personal page. Do you know why?

Because I’m curious, and also because I like to try different things in tech and experiment different approaches to solve the same problems. This website and blog is running on Jekyll right now and using Github Pages to host it.

In the past, I used Wordpress - of course - as a platform for my website. The website was look like this:

Previous Website using Wordpress
Previous Website using Wordpress

Some time later, I used a custom made Rails and React website hosted on Digital Ocean and with a CI/CD pipeline using Capistrano and Travis, and now I’m using Jekyll as mentioned before.

Well, I hope you enjoy the content. Sometimes I’ll write about Technology but sometimes you might expect something different. Maybe some writings about product ideas, or one of my hobbies. Let’s see.

In this mean time, please check some of my articles on Medium.



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